(WEBSITE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION ;3) hi, my name is iya. aka czechwun (check one). multimedia illustrator based in nyc, 23, he/they


HULLO HULLO i organized my first event called "hot winter" (name based off of one of my favorite albums by aru-2) in collaboration with jungle network. 1/2 9-2am at jade bar, see u there...more info here..

recent work

a little bit about my process

from traditional to digital work, i like to mix the two-- there is something so fun about starting out with a rough around the edges drawing, and cleaning it up artifically... you get a taste of both of these worlds, while the base of the original drawing still shows through with all of its roughness! nothing is ever perfect and i like it that way--but i always love experimenting and becoming better than last time.

materials and skills learned...
  • graphite
  • clip studio
  • risograph printing
  • an underpainting is always important
  • studies should always be printed rather than observed on a screen